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Motorcycle Fuel Tank Repair Kit

Seal Small Gas Tanks

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POR-15 Motorcycle Fuel Tank Repair Kit

POR-15 Motorcycle Fuel Tank Repair Kit has been designed for the special needs of bikes and other small fuel tanks such as recreational vehicles, snowmobiles, outboards, generators, etc.

POR-15 Motorcycle Fuel Tank Repair Kit has everything you need to repair and seal your motorcycle tank. These motorcycle tank restoration products will stop rust, corrosion, and seal pinhole leaks. Your fuel tank will be impervious to all additives, fuels, including the new Stage II fuels which have higher alcohol content. It has superior strength and fuel resistance.

Order a POR-15 Motorcycle Fuel Tank Repair Kit today, and experience its quality and durability for yourself!

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Kit Contains

  • POR-15 Cleaner Degreaser to remove gum, sludge, varnish
  • POR-15 Metal Prep to remove rust & prepare the tank for sealer
  • POR-15 Fuel Tank Sealer creates a permanently sealed tank
  • POR-15 Power Mesh for sealing large holes or reinforcing weak areas
  • Applicator for applying patching system to the exterior of the tank
  • Detailed instructions to take you easily through each step of tank restoration

Step-by-Step Restoration

Before Fuel Tank Repair
Before: This fuel tank had small pinhole leaks on the end near the seam. If the tank had a competitor's old failed sealer, it would be removed with POR-15 Strip before starting the repair process.
Step 1 fuel tank repair
Step 1:Mix 1 quart Cleaner Degreaser with 1 quart of hot water. This solution will be used to remove any gum, varnish, or sludge from the inside of the tank.
Step 2 fuel tank repair
Step 2: Pour the entire bottle of Metal Prep to dissolve rust, coat the tank with zinc phosphate, and etch the metal for better adhesion of the sealer.
Step 3 fuel tank repair
Step 3: After the tank is clean, drain the tank and rinse thoroughly with water. Let the tank dry. When totally dry, pour in the entire can of Fuel Tank Sealer.
Step 4 fuel tank repair
Step 4: After all surfaces have been coated, drain the tank for about an hour to remove excess sealer from the tank.
Completed fuel tank repair
Step 5: Once repaired, use fuel preservation & stabilizer to keep your entire fuel system in proper working order and to avoid "stale gas" problems in your future!

WARNING: Cancer - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Kathlen Buczek
POR-15 success

POR-15 has become a staple in our offerings to our customers as we restore their vintage motorcycle body sets. Thank you.

Bernard Gillespie
Odyssey Life YouTube channel uses POR15 Motorcycle Repair Kit!

I haven't actually put fuel into the tank yet although it's cured weeks ago! I did a whole how-to video on how to use it and it went great! I promote your products! Here's the link https://youtu.be/8HWtM5A1VrY

Edwin Oldroyd
Motorcycle Fuel Tank Repair kit

The kit was easy to use and looks great!

Rudolph Cervantes
Product good, horrible packaging

Shipping: upon receiving my product, about 50% of the product had leaked out and the boxes absorbed it. Which led the the boxes falling apart. After opening the boxes the product seals were busted and that caused the spillage.
Product review: worked great and easy to use. One issue was the little brush for the final step…if I’m cleaning the inside of my gas tank, which has a 2 inch opening, that little brush will not make it in the gas tank and make a successful finish.

Eric Wettschreck
Worked like a champ.

I used this to seal a leaking fuel tank on my 39 John Deere tractor. The tank was leaking where the fitting for the seperator bowl is riveted on. I knew the tank was pretty gummed up so I used a lot of degreaser. Don't be in a hurry. Follow the directions, and you'll be pleased with the results.

Download Instruction Sheet

- POR-15 Motorcycle Fuel Tank Repair Kit Directions

It is important to understand each product in your repair kit and how it works. Proper chemical interaction is essential for achieving the best possible bond of the sealer to the inside of the tank. Fuel Tank Sealer does not adhere well to plastic. If your fuel tank contains plastic components inside, they should be removed before applying Fuel Tank Sealer.

Please remember these instructions are general guide lines only and cannot and do not cover every application and environment. If you remain unsure as how to proceed, please call toll-free for technical advice at 800-457-6715.