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Rubber, Plastic, & Vinyl Protectant

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POR-15 Boss Gloss

Clean & Protect Plastic, Rubber & Vinyl

Treat and preserve plastic, rubber, and vinyl with POR-15 Boss Gloss. After we had tried some of the big national brands, we were disappointed with the way they seemed to fade away so quickly, and in no time at all, we had to reapply the stuff. Also, it seemed to attract dust. Our chemists told us that this was partly because the big companies reduce the amount of solids in their products to save costs, and partly because they use alcohol and other solvents. We decided to make our own premium quality product, in the style and tradition of all other POR-15 corrosion prevention products, with more solids, and NO alcohol or solvents which can remove vital plasticizers, and lower the life expectancy from vinyl and rubber. Our special combination of premium chemicals turned into a terrific product, which we call POR-15 Boss Gloss. We were delighted to learn that, as a side effect, Boss Gloss seems to repel dust too!

Try this vinyl, rubber, and plastic protectant one time on the interior of your car, truck, or boat. You will be delighted at the results and pleased by how long it lasts.

NOTE: Not for use on cycle seats or other surfaces where a slippery surface could be hazardous

POR-15 Boss Gloss on a tire sidewall

Customer Reviews

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Rick Coburn

This is the second time I bought this and the stuff works great but both times the bottles leaked and the spray nozzles did not work so I transfered the stuff to a different bottle.

Robert Nist
Works Great

I have used it on my trim. The trim looks great. Easy to apply.

David D.
Baby got Boss!

Loved the look of boss gloss. Not super glossy like others actually, just made my plastic/rubber look new.

Charles Hazel

Great Product

john nettleton

I used this on the bed cover of my truck, and it looks great, but when it rained this product ran down on the sides of the truck. This wiped right off though.


Textured vinyl or rubber should be cleaned with diluted POR-15 Cleaner Degreaser before using Boss Gloss. Shake well, pour into a clean cloth and apply by hand. Spread evenly and wipe away excess. One treatment will last for months.

ATTENTION! Use only as directed. Not for use on surfaces where a slippery finish could be hazardous like leather seats, floors, vehicle controls (pedals, grips and steering wheels), beach or cycle seats, cycle tires, brake drums, etc. Do not use on or near clear plastic or plexiglass surfaces, glass (may cause smearing), fabric, woven materials, or paint. Does not contain phosphorus. Boss Gloss will help protect materials in good condition, but is not restorative in any way.