Reducer Solvent

Medium Speed Solvent

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POR-15 Reducer Low VOC Solvent is the best and most appropriate thinning solvent for reducing viscosity and cleaning up when painting with a spray gun or brushing on POR-15 solvent based coatings. This formula is of medium temperature speed.

Our reducer paint works great when thinning all POR-15 Paints, Primers, and coatings like; POR-15 2k Urethane, POR-15 High Temp, Top Coat, and POR-15 Rust Preventive Coating. You can thin up to 5%-15% depending on coating formula when applying with a spray gun, brush, or roller. 

Compatible with

For solvent based urethane coatings only.
Not compatible with water-based coatings or lacquer. 

*Replaces POR-15 Solvent #40401 and #40404 products

WARNING: Cancer -

Customer Reviews

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Johnny Stewart
POR-15 Chassis Paint

The POR-15 gloss black chassis paint is a great product. It goes on smooth and has a beautiful shine.

Rufus Trunt
You need this as well

I found this very helpful when using the 2K paint. That stuff sets up pretty fast and can be quite thick. Adding a little of this in the mix helps is flow better.

Rick Puhek
First time user

This was the first time I used this product. So far it’s been an ease to use. Hope to use it some more.

POR-15 Reducer thins all POR-15 primers, paints, coatings, and all other manufacturer urethane based coatings. Always consult with the paint/coating manufacturer for maximum dilution tolerance. 

For Single component coatings: Pour paint/coating into a mixing cup. Slowly add POR-15 Reducer by 1% by volume at a time, and test for desired viscosity. Mix thoroughly. 

For 2K Coatings: Pour Part A and Part B in a mixing cup per manufacturer's mix ratio. Add POR-15 Reducer 1% by volume at a time, and test for desired viscosity. Mix thoroughly. Use with Urethane-based products. Do Not use with lacquer-based or waterbased products.

Compatible with

  • POR-15 Rust Preventive Coating up to 5%
  • 2K Urethane Industrial Coating up to 15%
  • Top Coat up to 10%
  • High Temp up to 5%
  • High Build Primer up to 15%
  • Caliper Paint up to 5%
  • Engine Enamel up to 5%