1-Step Compound & Polish

Body Shop Safe

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POR-15 1-Step Compound & Polish is a body shop safe all-in-one car polish that removes fine imperfections while adding protection and gloss.

  • Silicone Free Body Shop Safe Polish Formula
  • Safe On Clear Coat, Single Stage, Gel Coat or Lacquer Paints
  • Use With a Variety of Polishing Pads
  • For Machine or Hand Application
  • Easy Application and Removal
  • Low Dust Formula
  • Removes 2000 Grit Sanding Scratches
  • Long Open Time for Heavy Cutting and Fine Scratches
  • Lemon-scented polishing compound for cars
  • 16 fl oz bottle

POR-15 1-Step Compound & Polish for cars is anall-in-one car compound and polish that cuts heavy oxidation and finishes to a brilliant shine and removes imperfections while adding depth and gloss. Utilizing diminishing abrasive technology, 1-Step Compound & Polish for cars is designed for use with any polishing pads and is suitable for all paint types. This all-in-one car polish is formulated to correct and refine mild to heavy scratches, swirls, paint defects, oxidation, and up to 2000 grit sanding marks. Buy this one-step polishing compound today!

Customer Reviews

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Chris Romeo
Superb polish and compound

This is by far the best polish and light compound. It's consistency is creamy making it very easy to work with either by hand or machine. It cuts through oxidation easily and removes fine scratches leaving a clean nicely polished surface ready for the next step....wax or ceramic coating. When applied with a dampened cloth, a little goes a long way!

Tracy Maggart

1-Step Compound & Polish

Mark Strittmatter
Unfortunately with the weather I have not had a chance to use this product yet.

Unfortunately with the weather I have not yet had a chance to use this product

Jim Haslam
Best Yet

More expensive than most but you get more than the rest I quality

Garry in Kisco
Great stuff !

16 year old Jeep Grand Cherokee. I used this stuff with a $ 40 orbiting buffer. The result was a $ 300 buff-out for 70 bucks. Took me about 2 hours. I'm 74 and this is the best product I've found to date. Easy on/off. Great shine.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Shake well and work on a cool panel. Apply 4 drops of polish onto a foam pad. Spread evenly over 2-ft by 2-ft area or smaller. Set speed to 3-4. Keep pad flat while working. Work slowly in up-down and left-right motions, light pressure, 25% overlap. Work until clear on surface. Remove residue with a premium microfiber towel. Inspect surface.