Filler and Seam Sealer

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POR-15 Patch Filler and Seam Sealer

The ultimate filler adhesive. Apply right over rust or bare metal.

Fix that seam or channel with POR-15 Patch. For years our customers have asked us for a thicker version of our world famous POR-15 Rust Preventive Coating, to use for filling seams or holes. Here it is! POR-15 Patch is quite literally POR-15 Rust Preventive Coating in a tube, and it dries as hard as a rock, remains flexible, and once dry is totally impervious to fuels and solvents. This rust hole filler is so tough it may actually add strength to weakened metal, and it won’t absorb moisture and swell like conventional body fillers. Try this rust repair patch yourself. This sandable seam sealer is incredible! This rust hole repair product also patches holes or cracks in steel, wood, and some plastics.

Use it to:

  • Permanently seal seams
  • Repair loose furniture joints
  • Patch holes in steel, wood or some plastics
  • Fix holes in fuel tanks
  • Bond steel to some plastics, wood or concrete
  • Repair concrete and cinder blocks

- POR-15 Patch Technical Data Sheet

Before POR-15 Patch
Rusted, leaking seam.
Squeeze POR-15 Patch in to crack
Squeeze a bead of POR-15 Patch into seam.
Smooth out the bead of POR-15 Patch over the hole
Press and contour bead into seam. Seam is sealed and ready for a coat of POR-15 Rust Preventive Coating.

WARNING: Cancer -

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Lorenzo Galante
Great bonding

This stuff is great takes a few days to harden but it bonds like crazy. I used it to fill in rust holes on my doors and hood. I used brass screen that I had and the two made a great patch.

Jim Sebastian
Sean sealer

Great product did the job

Curt W
Great Stuff

I've used Patch on the 56 yr old frame of a car I'm restoring to fill rust pitting before applying POR-15 paint. It's easy to use and dries rock hard. I will definitely be using it on other pitted parts.

Peter Giarratano
POR-15 Patch

Worked as planned on a rust hole.

David Sheehan
Great for pitted metal

Trunk floor in my 72 monte carlo had rust pitting and small holes. Using auto body spreader and por patch now looks like a new panel . Using for years love this stuff

Application:POR-15 Patch must be applied to dry surfaces only. Wear protective gloves while using. Remove from skin immediately with POR-15 Solvent or lacquer thinner to prevent temporary staining. Dries to touch in 4-6 hours but full cure may take up to 96 hours depending on thickness applied. Once dry, POR-15 Patch cannot be removed by any solvent. Keep cap and threads clean before re-sealing. Recap tube immediately after application. POR-15 Patch dries to a rock-hard finish and sanding is very difficult, so we don’t recommend use on car exterior parts if a cosmetic finish is desired.