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POR-15 Detail Paint

Replicate the original look of metals on cast parts with POR-15 Detail Paint

POR-15 Detail Paint provides a professional grade finish that reproduces the original look of cast parts. POR-15 Detail Paint is designed to have a low sheen. This steel color paint will not yellow and will keep your restored component looking factory new. POR-15 Detail Paint is formulated to provide maximum corrosion resistance and protect metal substrates against weather, sunlight, oil and water. Check out this metal looking paint today!

Applications: master cylinder, steering box, transmission housings, hood springs, driveshaft, suspension components etc.

- Detail Paint Technical Data Sheet

POR-15 Detail Paint on timing chain covers
Available in 3 colors. From left to right: Cast Aluminum, Cast Iron, and Stainless Steel

Customer Reviews

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Excellent Coverage

I use various POR15 products & am very happy with the results

Bill Miller
Paint lays down great

Coverage is wonderful.
Wish they would have had the “Cast Iron Grey”
Like I used before on other parts.

Could use one more color

It would be great if you had a bare stamped steel color. The existing colors you have look good.

Jacobb Leary

I am doing a complete rebuild on Jeep Wrangler and used the paint for many of the engine parts as well as the t-case and other little odds and ends and this paint not only covers very well, but also looks AMAZING when all said and done. The key is to the prep work and everything will look amazing. Would definitely buy again in the future!

Luis Cruz

Detail Paint