Paint and Coating Thinner

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POR-15 Solvent is the only appropriate clean up solvent or coating thinner when painting with a spray gun for most POR-15 coatings. We developed this POR-15 reducer precisely for these purposes, at the request of many of our loyal customers.

Works great when thinning POR-15 2k Urethane and POR-15 Rust Preventive Coating. Depending on VOC laws in your area, you can thin between 5%-20% when applying with a spray gun or brush.

*This paint cleaning solvent is not for sale in the state of California.

Compatible with

  • POR-15 Rust Preventive Coating
  • 2K Urethane Industrial Coating
  • High Temp


WARNING: Cancer -

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Alexander Szigedi
Works well with both POR15 Rust and Top Coat.

Used the POR Solvent to thin both POR Rust Inhibitor and Top Coat for Spray Gun application. It only takes a little to treat a gallon. Used some of the remainder to clean my spray gun after spraying; worked like a charm.

Joe Scheidler

I used Por 15 on the frame of an RV before replacing a rotted floor. It is my first experience with the product. I followed the directions but lacked enough for a second coat. Even so, I am sorely impressed with the application and appearance. I was using a mirror while painting the underside of the frame and in the process a single drop of Por 15 landed on it. Rather than wipe it off, I let it dry overnight, and the next day it took some effort with a pocket knife to pop it off. The fully cured droplet was totally flexible. I have every confidence that the rusted frame, properly cleaned and prepped, has been given new life. Time will tell, but I believe Por 15 will be my go-to treatment for rusted metal.

Dennis Fauth
Solvent Review

I use the solvent to thin the Por-15 paint so I can spray on a car frame. Also to clean paint brushes when applying Por-15 with a brush. Need it to clean paint from my hands.

Donald Robinson
Great solvent

Easily cleans off paint.

Peter Reichert
Best paint for rust

Ive been using POR-15 for over 15 years, on car restorations. Ive tried other products claiming to do the same rust control, POR-15 IS THE BEST. Its easy to apply, brush or spray, self leveling, & durable.

Add POR-15 Solvent gradually per coating instructions and stir thoroughly until desired consistency is obtained. 

Cleaning Brushes and Rollers: Agitate brush or roller in product until all residue is dissolved. Press out excess, wipe with a clean towel, and lay flat to dry.

Cleaning Spray Guns:Follow spray gun manufacturer’s cleaning instructions.